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Gable Marketing provide bespoke software database solutions.

As well as providing Bespoke Mail Order Fulfilment solutions both for ourselves and for our customers, we also design and develop and sell the software to enable us to achieve this.

We developed a database solution for Borland in their Paradox database software to enable them to receive product enquiries by post, telephone, fax and email, produce responses with the correct inclusions and analyse the customer data. This was installed both in our own offices for internal use, and in the Borland offices in Sweden, Netherlands, South Africa and UAE.

For 3Com we developed a promotions system to help promote their products to distributors.  It included a series of games run over both the 'phone and through their corporate web site, linked to a database to track sales.  Installed both in-house and in 3Com offices throughout the EMEA area.

Our Mail Order package, FullFill!, includes:

  • Stock Control (including live updates to web site)
  • Receipt and Entry of Orders (postal, 'phone and direct from web site)
  • Despatch of orders
  • Notification of availability
  • Banking
  • Returns
  • Management Statistics

This was originally developed in Paradox for in-house use, but the core product has been rewritten using FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced & Server, and is now used by several mail-order houses.

As well as producing software, we also offer a complete IT service - we will build PC's and Servers to fit our clients requirements, and install them along with appropriate network infrastructure. We can also arrange on-going maintenance contracts.

For more details of our software products, contact Mark Rogers on 01453 731715 or email